• Fees and costs will be identified and explained in your IVA proposal and will be agreed by your creditors as part of the voting process.
  • The fees and costs will be paid from the monthly contributions made into your IVA.
  • The Insolvency Practitioner will initially act as your Nominee. Once the IVA is approved, they will become your Supervisor. There will be a fee for each role. There will also be out-of-pocket expenses called disbursements that will be recovered from within contributions made.
  • The level of fees may be different for each case and will depend on the individual circumstances. The fees may be calculated as either a fixed fee or a percentage of monthly contributions.

Nominee’s Fees

This is usually a fixed fee and will cover the initial stages of the IVA process including preparing your IVA proposal and then convening and holding the creditors’ meeting

Supervisor’s Fees

Although we will request to creditors that this is a fixed fee, creditors may request that it be calculated as a percentage of monthly contributions received into the IVA and taken over the lifetime of the IVA. This will cover the supervision of your IVA to include the following:

  • regular reporting to yourself and your creditors
  • regular review of your circumstances including your income and expenditure
  • liaising with the creditors to agree on debt levels
  • making distributions to your creditors
  • dealing with any queries
  • ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements

An illustration of fees in a typical IVA is as follows:

Debt level


Monthly contributions


Total contributions (5 years)


Nominee’s Fee


Supervisor’s Fee




Payment to creditors

£14,797 (38p in the £)